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Unicity's New Office Design by Hambrecht Oleson: A Reflection of Quality and Care

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

When leasing office space, a very worthwhile investment in your new work environment is to hire an architectural design firm like Hambrecht Oleson Design to plan the space specific to your needs and develop a interior design concept that fits your brand, your firm, your vibe.

Typically, Landlords will arrange an allowance for a general contractor to demo, install partitions, refresh break area kitchens, restrooms, etc. as well as re-decorate the newly formed space. Why settle for a building standard when your work environment can celebrate and extend the look and feel of your firm?

Old building standard

New Unicity's Reception

Unicity Healthcare did just that when they hired us to space plan and provide an interior design concept including new furnishings for their new headquarters in Rochelle Park NJ.

The founder of Unicity, Gregory Brun is from France, and he and his partner, Jimmy Cerveaux, developed Unicity to dramatically improve the quality of care and professionalism in the healthcare industry in the US. So the Hambrecht Oleson Design team picked up on their European roots to elevate Unicity’s work environment to include some European details such as lacquered paneled walls, French inspired artwork and an eclectic mix of oriental rugs and modern furniture.

Old building standard

Gregory’s office: Signature wallcovering in Unicity logo color of navy blue silver & modern furnishings

Unicity also wanted their work environment to be a fun and interactive to engage various groups of employees such as; new team members interviewing for positions, central office staff who are there everyday team training seasons, and all company get togethers in the space.

Standard break area

Fresh new gathering area for the Unicity team as break area, but also creating opportunities for fun interactions for every day or various events.

They also wanted to provide a space for the community to learn more about at home healthcare issues, with the backdrop of the new interior design that reflected their brand.

Old style “perimeter offices” with open office area no access to windows

Extending the new interior design concept with wall treatments & lighting ,various furniture groupings, including massage chairs for team members to chill in and informal meetings adjacent to the more typical office cubicles.

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