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SH bio 

 As Managing Principal, Stephen runs the New Jersey Office of Hambrecht Oleson Design, in addition to his Client responsibilities. He is licensed in 21 states and has been responsible for overseeing the construction documentation and project management of all of the firms commercial and residential projects. Stephen’s skilled and direct approach on all of the phases of the design and construction process make him a key partner to the Client in leading a project. His interest of the latest drawing technology enables the firm to stay current and streamlined in their process by providing renderings and walk-thru's.

Prior to forming Hambrecht Oleson Design in 2000, Stephen was Vice President/Architect for the New York office of FRCH. He has led a variety of design and construction programs for a range of clients, from upscale retailers like Bloomingdale’s to moderately priced chains such as Century 21 and Loehmann’s. His experience  encompasses rollout programs, renovations, expansions and new stores as well as urban flagships and suburban branches.

 Stephen began his career at Bloomingdale’s, and has lived and worked in Tokyo, where he practiced retail design within a Japanese firm, Visual Japan.He was born and raised in Ridgewood NJ, and has enjoyed raising his two sons, Pete and Will   in town with his wife, Amy, also a lifelong Ridgewood resident. When Hambrecht Oleson Design moved their offices in 2016, Ridgewood was an easy first choice. In the rare times he is not practicing architecture, he enjoys opera, travel, golf, and a nice tumbler of scotch. 

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